Board Elections 2019


Can you believe another year has passed? We can’t, but it’s true! And that means it’s time again for board elections. Every year a third of the board is up for vote with the remaining seats being maintained by current board members in order to ensure continuity.

Each board term is 3 years. 

This is an exciting year because it marks the 3 year anniversary of The Cannabis Alliance since we merged 4 organizations together. Therefore, this is the the first time a full 3 year board term has been completed! Thank you so much for your service Danielle Rosellison and AC Braddock.  MY Goodness, those years flew!

The following seven (7) individuals listed below are all running for their chance to serve the membership in a leadership position on the board. There are only 3 seats open, so please read through the self nomination forms at the links below and carefully consider who you think will best serve the mission of The Cannabis Alliance.

Voting* will officially open on June 13th and the new board will be sworn in by the first of July.

Questions? Email us.  

*All members current on their dues, regardless of level, are eligible to vote to elect board members.

The Nominees

**Please click on the names to learn more about the nominee**

AC_head_shot.jpg AC Braddock, Eden Labs

 Ian Eisenberg, Uncle Ike's

 Matthew Friedlander, Skagit Organics

 Jeremy Kaufman, The CPC

lammers Jason Lammers,

 Julia Lee, Uncle Ike's

 Caitlein Ryan, Central Washington Grower's Association

Current Board Members

Keith_FullSizeRender.jpg Keith Boyce, NW Cannabis Zone & New Day Cannabis (Term 2018-2021)

 Rachael Brower, Uncle Ike's (Term 2018-2021)

John.jpg John Davis, Northwest Cannabis (Term 2018-2021)

NormIves_sm.jpg Norm Ives, Worldwide Facilities, LLC (Term 2017-2020)

Nick_Mosely_sm.jpg Nick Mosely, Confidence Analytics (Term 2017-2020)