ACTION ITEM - Clarifying Cannabis is Agriculture

We have a hearing for HB 1692 on Wednesday February 15th at 8am with the Agriculture Committee!!


Of the 15 people who sit on the Agriculture Committee, 6 of them sponsored our bill, including the Chair (Brian Blake), the Vice Chair (Mike Chapman) and the Ranking Minority Member (Vincent Buys).  That means we have a REALLY good chance of getting this out of committee before the deadline on February 17.  If you are a farmer, clarifying cannabis as agriculture should be important to you because it will address zoning issues and nuisances (clean air agencies).  If you are a retailer, clarifying cannabis as agriculture will help the smaller farms stay in business offering you and your customers more selection.  If you are an ancillary business, this bill will help keep 502 businesses alive.  If you are an environmentalist, this bill will help keep cannabis grown outdoors.  This bill affects all aspects of the industry.

Action Steps 

  • HARD CORE: Come to the hearing at 8am on Wednesday February 15th in Olympia.  Show the committee how important this is to your business.  Carpool down with other people in your community.  This is THAT important.  Come dressed appropriately; you want to mimic with the representatives look like (business attire) as they will take you more seriously that way. DON'T SMELL LIKE CANNABIS. Show up to support those that testify. It is not necessary for all that come to testify, but having bodies in the room showing support will go a long way. AND, you can sign in PRO on the bill right then and there. Address: 
  • Agriculture & Natural Resources
    2/15/17 8:00 am

    House Full Committee
    House Hearing Rm B
    John L. O'Brien Building
    Olympia, WA
  • PASSIONATE: Send an email to the committee members.  
  • EVERYONE: Go to the website here and write a comment (green button on the right hand side).  It's super easy, and simply tell them that you SUPPORT this bill (it's all fill in the cell information).  EVERYONE CAN DO THIS.

PLEASE DO THIS!!  IT IS SOOO IMPORTANT!!!  See you in Olympia on Wednesday!!

Side note, if you're coming to Olympia, please take a minute to set up an appointment with your representative.  Tell them you're their constituent and you'll be in the area that day and read the same statement you are reading to the Ag Committee.  You can find your representative here.  Calling is better than emailing for setting up an appointment.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.