Danielle Rosellison


Q: What do you know about our organization? What makes our mission meaningful to you? Why are you interested in committing your time and energy to The Cannabis Alliance?

A: The Cannabis Alliance is the merging of four associations who realized that there was strength in unity. Our mission is pure, democratic, strategic, effective and fair. I have spent two years trying to find the right association to be a part of and The Cannabis Alliance fits all the criteria that I desire.

Q: What do you think are the characteristics of a great board member?

A: Tenacity.  Intelligence.  Passion.  Empathy.  Inherit sense of fairness.

Q: Do you have prior board leadership experience? If so, what and when?

A: Board Member- Cannabis Alliance May? 2016-current Board Member- The Cannabis Farmers Council March? 2016-current Board Member- Washington Federation of Marijuana Businesses Jan 2015-current

Q: What specific skills, connections, resources, and expertise do you have to offer and are willing to use on the behalf of the organization?

A: I'm a mover and a shaker. I get things done and my tenacity is unprecedented. I'm a great networker and I have the professionalism to counter many of the stereotypes associated with our industry. I'm also not new to the industry, so I have a fundamental understanding and respect for those that have come before us and fought the good fight to help us get here today.

Q: Fundraising is a significant obligation of board service. Are you comfortable asking for money to help fund the mission of the organization?

A: I'm happy to pass along and plug The Cannabis Alliance at any possible time. Fundraising is not my strong suit, however networking is one of my more commendable attributes.

Q: Do you have any worries or concerns about joining the board?

A: No.

Q: Do you have personal aspirations that could be enhanced by board service?

A: Does world domination count? :) I want the good people from the Cannabis Community to make it in this industry; those of us who have been sympathetic it outright involved since before legalization. But in order to do that, we need to be organized and professional. We need to change some of our ways, at least for a little while, so that we can infiltrate the system and change it from within. I see a future for the cannabis industry that sets a new standard for how capitalism in America can be seen as a positive thing instead of the negative connotation it often represents these days. The cannabis industry is the vessel for that change and The Cannabis Alliance is the captain.

Q: What is your motivation of being involved in the cannabis industry?

A: I am an owner/operating manager at Trail Blazin' Productions, a licensed business venture started by local Whatcom County professionals looking to meet the demand for legal cannabis while maintaining a safe environment and following the letter of the law. We cultivate, process and package award winning, pesticide free, sustainably grown with LED's and American Made nutrients, state legal cannabis. I have dedicated the last two and a half years of my life to the cannabis industry and the goal of seeing the cannabis industry evolve in a positive direction. Those of us involved in the Cannabis Community since before it was legalized, stem from a place of social justice and I would like to see that value system integrated into the cannabis industry as it transitions into mainstream America.

Q: What professional or personal constraints on your time or service might you anticipate? What kind of autonomy do you have over your calendar?

A: I have a few businesses and small kids, but this The Alliance is very important and I will commit whatever kind of time I have to in an effort to make sure that the job is done right.

Q: Of what importance to you is social interaction with other board members?

A: Important