Cannabis Budget Templatea cannabis retail operating spreadsheet to help those who need a budget and planning cheat-sheet for 2018.  There is a separate practice tab with instructions. (Credit: Vito Perillo of Facts & Figures, LLC)

The Highs and Lows of Cannabis TestingAOCS publication October 2016

Marijuana Production – Chemigation and Fertigation Practices. Technical assistance bulletin for marijuana growers. 

Important notice for those with a medical marijuana endorsement from the Department of Health. Please CLICK HERE to read the important information. 

The criteria for pesticides used for the production of marijuana and the list of pesticides allowed for use on marijuana in Washington have been updated by the WSDA (May 2016). The WSU PICOL ( and WSDA ( web sites should be updated in the near future. CLICK the following links to view a pdf copy of the updated CRITERIA and LIST.

Marijuana Legalization in Colorado: Early Findings. Click Here to view report. 

PSCAA Air Quality and Odor Controls Requirements for Marijuana Producers and Processors. Click Here to download the requirements. 

R5 Cooperative: Cannabis in Snohomish County. Click Here to download the report. 

Regulatory Guidance for Cannabis Businesses. Click Here to download the document. 

Pest Management Workshops. If you attended the workshops, more information can be found HERE.