Fire Fundraiser


We are raising money for Representative David Sawyer. We are challenging our membership to raise $6,000 in just 3 days. Why only 3 days? The way the political process works means that there is a freeze for donating to a political entity one month before session begins. The cut-off date is Dec 8th. 

We want to show the power of our members by asking you to step up to this challenge. If every member donates at least $40 we WILL reach our goal. 

Why David Sawyer? Rep Sawyer is the chair of the House Commerce & Gaming committee. This committee is the primary committee for all cannabis legislation. Plus, David has already shown his commitment to the industry by really listening to us when we come to him with our concerns and needs. Let's show him we appreciate his support. 

Donate now. Don't wait. Let's do this thing. 

The board of The Cannabis Alliance.