Free Agricultural Business Training

On November 3, there will be Free Agricultural Business Training at Perry Technical Institute in Yakima. The training will include a joint presentation by LCB and WSDA regarding marijuana production rules, and other related topics. Attached is a copy of the registration form. This free training is being sponsored by LNI and WSDA.

Course Descriptions and Presenters

State Taxes & Records for Agriculture Business – Get your questions answered about filing, registration, taxes, and other useful
information. Presented by Tony Castillo, Washington State Department of Revenue.

Farm Labor Contracting – Learn the basics requirements of Farm Labor Contracting. What it is to be a Farm Labor Contractor and
how to become licensed. Presented by Tisa Soeteber, Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Marijuana Producer Rules, Traceability, and Testing
This talk will highlight the rules regarding marijuana production, allowable pesticides, fertilizers, and soil amendments, tracking, reporting, and quality assurance testing. Presenters will identify WAC 314-55 rules for producers, provide online resources, and demonstrate the tracking of product for producers. Presented by Peter Corier, Marijuana Examiner Program Administrator, WSLCB; Joanna Eide, Rules and Legislative Coordinator, WSLCB and Erik Johansen, Policy Assistant-Registration and Licensing Services Program, WSDA

Introduction to Stay At Work – Learn about the financial incentives that encourage employers to bring their injured workers quickly
and safely back to light-duty or transitional work by reimbursing for some of their costs. Presented By Chris Ver Eercke, Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

Sprains and Strains – not (part of) your business - With the help of an expert panel and lots of interaction, we'll dive into the
following topics:

  • Why do many field workers get sprains and sprains?

  • Can these injuries be prevented in agricultural operations? How? What are some examples of successful prevention from agricultural employers?

  • Sprains and sprains should not be part of your business. What are the financial benefits of investing in prevention?

Presented by Rick Goggins, Washington State Department of Labor & Industries

Agricultural Employment Standards - Learn the basics of the agricultural wage and hour requirements. Who is exempt from Minimum Wage? What are the meal and rest period requirements? What do you need to do to hire teens in agricultural jobs? Employers, protect your business! Not understanding your responsibilities and requirements can leave your business vulnerable to unwanted penalties or lawsuits. Presented by Tisa Soeteber, Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Everything You wanted to know about your L&I Account - Learn what happens when you open your L&I account. Learn how rates
are set and adjusted; what are risk classes and how are they assigned; how claims affect rates; what you can do to control your
company’s rates; and about the process for filing your quarterly premium reports. Presented by Roseann Collins, Washington State
Department of Labor and Industries.

Water Law, Water Rights and Irrigation - Even in western Washington, access to water is central to the sustained production of crops and livestock. Learn about the various water related regulations, ways to manage water rights, water banking and mitigation, and more. Presented by Mike Gallagher, Washington State Department of Ecology

Tractor and All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) safety - Basic tractor safety. What safety topics should be covered with employees before they operate the tractor. When and where to use Roll Over Protection Structures (ROPS). What situations where tractors are exempt from ROPS. Basic ATV safety. What safety topics should be covered with employees before they operate the ATV. What PPE is needed to operate the ATV and is a helmet needed. Presented by Jesus Valdovinos, Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

Know Your Role (a practical employer’s guide for claims) – this session will help you understand the dos and don’ts of preventing
and managing claims. Presented by Lori Evans and Bobbe Hundley, Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

Normas de empleo agrícolas -Aprenda los conceptos básicos del salario agrícola y las horas requeridas. ¿Quién está exento del
salario mínimo? ¿Cuáles son los requisitos de periodos de comida y descanso? ¿Qué necesita hacer para contratar adolescentes en
trabajos agrícolas? ¡Empleadores, protejan su negocio! El no entender sus responsabilidades y requisitos puede dejar al negocio
vulnerable a multas o demandas no deseadas. Presentado por Tisa Soeteber, Departamento de Labor e Industrias del estado de

Managing Claims to Control Your Industrial Insurance Costs – Department of Labor and Industries. Overview of the industrial
insurance claims process for the new employer. We will help you understand the processes when an employee is hurt. We will explain your rights and responsibilities in the process and provide some insight on how to limit your costs. Presented by Angelique Lockhart, 
Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

New Paid Sick Leave Law Requirements Overview (Contractors with employees) – Learn about the new Paid Sick Leave Law
requiring employers to provide paid sick leave to most employees beginning January 1, 2018. This class will provide an overview of
Initiative 1433, which changed state law regarding minimum wage, ensuring tips and service charges are given to the appropriate staff, requiring employers to provide paid sick leave, and protects employees from retaliation for lawful use of paid sick leave by the Minimum Wage and Labor Standards Act (chapter 49.46 RCW). Presented by Tuyen Manikhoth, Washington State Department of Labor & Industries

OMWBE Certification Overview - The office of minority and women owned business enterprise is a state agency responsible for state certification of qualified minority and women-owned businesses. Certification is required by state agencies and educational institutions for goods and services from the private sector. Presented by Gigi Zenk, Washington State Office of Minority, Women’s Business Enterprises (OMWBE)

Agricultural Employers: Plan, Process and Prepare - agriculture is more than just sowing and harvesting. Lots of planning goes into
a successful year. Employment Security Department (ESD) wants to give you tools to make it easier. Topics like migrant farmworkers, foreign labor certification, unemployment insurance responsibilities, employment and wages. Set the groundwork for a successful business plan. Presented by Rene Maldonado Washington State Employment Security Department.

Contratación de trabajadores agrícolas -Aprenda los requisitos básicos de la contratación de trabajadores agrícolas. Qué es ser un
contratista de trabajadores agrícolas y cómo obtener una licencia. Presentado por Tisa Soeteber, Departamento de Labor e Industrias del estado de Washington.

Basic Steps to Developing an Accident Prevention Program - overview of the basic steps to developing an Accident Prevention
Program as well as other safety programs that an agriculture employer may need including: How to identify Agriculture job Hazards, employee safety orientation, How to identify training and personal protective equipment needs and the elements of a good claims management system. Implementation strategies and the benefits of an effective program. Presented by Washington Farm Bureau staff and Mayra Giles, Opportunities Industrialization Center of Washington (OIC)

Pesticide Safety, Regulation, Water Quality Monitoring: Discussion on Worker Protection Standard (WPS) revisions that will be
effective on January 2, 2017. Discussion on the WSDA surface water quality monitoring program and findings. Presented by Lorena
Lopez, WSDA Pesticide Management Division.

Agricultural Financing - How agricultural lenders make decisions on financing farm operations and what lenders are typically looking for. Different types of loans and collateral/terms that are generally required. Farm Service Agency Farm Loan Program specifics. Presented by Lisa Ruff, Farm Loan Manager, Yakima County Farm Service Agency.


November 03, 2017 at 8am - 4pm


Perry Technical Institute, Yakima, WA
2011 W Washington Ave
Yakima, WA 98903
United States
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