Grant County Commissioners Hearing

Action Needed: Grant County Commissioners Proposing Ban on Cannabis Production in Already Approved RR1 Zones 

Next Grant County Commissioners Meeting Jan 18th, 7 pm in Ephrata, WA 

  • Grant County Commissioners and Planning Department are rapidly moving to retroactively ban cannabis farms in RR1 (residential and agricultural 5 acre zones). This has been started by a few local folks complaining about odors from just one or two farms. The county approved many of these farms over the past few years in these zones and could put many of these farms out of business. This impacts current and future cannabis consumers, producers, processors and retailers in Grant County, WA

  • Read about the proposed action and comment in two articles in the county newspaper:

  • E-mail commissioners at "" and let them know your thoughts on this action: 

    • Please tell them you oppose this change and tell them how it impacts your business directly in all aspects from county and state tax collection from local sales taxes, employment (i.e. impacts to your existing cannabis business in Grant County).

    • Tell them how many employees you have and how this change will cost present and future jobs.

    • Remind them that the commission already approved the existing farms and had plenty of time to review the applications and now have the potential to cause many new businesses to lose all their investment and eliminate jobs in the community.

    • Ask them to allow existing and approved farmers to continue operating in RR1.

    • Many of the arguments for this change will be based on RCW 82.04.213, which states that marijuana is not agricultural. They did not mention that Title 82 of the RCW only covers excise taxes. Because of complications with federal laws cannabis growers have many exclusions from tax benefits that other farmers can claim, and it is far-fetched to use this rule as a foundation for saying cannabis is not a plant.

    • Our argument needs to be focused on how producing/growing cannabis is an "Agricultural Product" as the definition of an "Agricultural Product" is "Any" product of a plant cultivation as defined in the state WAC's. 

Grant County Commissioners Website with more contact information: Contact County Commissioners

  • Attend the Public Hearing: 

    • When: Weds, January 18th at 7:00 pm, sign up to provide testimony on sheets available in commissioners meeting room.

    • Where: Grant County Commissioner's Chambers at 35 C St. NW, Ephrata, WA 98823 (509) 754-2011 | (509) 765-2160

    • It's important that we show up in strong numbers (Consumers, Producers, Processors, Retailers and Staff).

    • We recommend showing up with your family & staff so that our numbers are considerable.

    • For testimony, we recommend focusing on the number of jobs you provide, the number of other small local businesses you support and how this proposed change impacts your business. Highlight number of jobs that will be lost, local business revenue lost if the change stands. Employees might also testify regarding what their cannabis job means to them.

    • Also focus on how producing/growing cannabis is an "Agricultural Product" as the definition of an "Agricultural Product" is "Any" product of a plant cultivation as defined in the state WAC's.

Feel free to reach out to Rob to help organize this effort to spread the word about Grant County efforts to curtail the legal cannabis industry in Grant County and in Washington State. 

Rob Greenlee Filucy Bay Farms, Inc Moses Lake, WA m-253-831-5632 Rob at


January 18, 2017 at 7pm - 9pm


Grant County Commissioner's Chambers


Rob Greenlee · · 253-831-5632

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