Hemp Update

2/9/17 WA State Industrial Hemp Update

Prepared by Joy Beckerman for The Cannabis Alliance

The WSDA is working furiously to release the draft Rules of our Industrial Hemp Research Pilot (“IHRP”) program for public comment and hearing by February 15th. If you would like to be on the WSDA’s industrial hemp ListServe for notifications, including hemp networking events reported to the WSDA, send an email to hemp@agr.wa.gov with the subject line “Please add me to the list.”

The IHRP loses its funding on June 30th and it is anticipated that the program will not generate enough fees to fund itself in the next fiscal year.

Joy Beckerman drafted an IHRP funding bill that seeks funding for program for the next two fiscal years (in the amount of $145,000 per year). There are now live companion bills HB 1979 and SB 5732. Senators Hasegawa and Rivers have also submitted Budget Provisos for this funding so that it is being sought from every angle if one fails.

  • SB 5732 is scheduled for public hearing in the Senate Agriculture, Water, Trade & Economic Dev. Committee this coming Tuesday, 2/14, at 8:00 a.m.
  • We thank Reps. Cindy Ryu and Matt Shea, and Sen. Bob Hasegawa, for their heroic support and prime sponsorship of these hemp program funding bills; and Reps. Blake, Ormsby, Goodman, and Santos; as well as Sens. Wellman, Sheldon, Schoesler, Chase, Hobbs, and Keiser for their co-sponsorship

With regard to cross-pollination, the draft Rules about to be released to the public mandate a four (4) mile distance between licensed 502 grow sites, both indoor and outdoor. This was increased from three (3) miles at the request of a Senator who responded to a WACA request. Hemp is happy and excited to work with its cousin marijuana to bring health and community back to our planet!

To learn more about the opportunities of industrial hemp and details of our State IHRP, attend one of Joy’s free informational events by going to www.HempAce.com and selecting the “Speaking Engagements” link. Joy is the President of the WA State Chapter of the Hemp Industries Association, founded in 1994; and she was just elected to NORML’s National Board of Directors. 

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