We are starting a new practice where we will be asking our members and friends to complete a survey once a month. We are working in tandem with The Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy (CASP) to gather information that will help us paint a picture of the industry to enhance our conversations with legislators and regulators. The more input we receive the stronger the data will be. So please take 10 minutes and complete the survey. Help us help you. 

In addition, The Cannabis Alliance has been asked to help with an economic impact study BEFORE rules are put in place by the State Building Code Council (SBCC). 

Please take this survey right now.  It's 10 yes or no questions.  The hardest one is your contact information.  It'll take you 2 minutes.  If you're not an extraction processor, but know of one, please MAKE SURE to pass this along to them. 

On a side not, the new rules, if you have not yet accessed them and have a bunch of free time on your hands,  are available at this link for Chapter 1: Permits

and at this link for Chapter 38: Marijuana Processing or Extraction Facilities

To view the new language compared to the earlier emergency rules  see this link.


Thank you!!