John Davis

John Davis - Northwest Cannabis

Q1: What do you know about our organization? What makes our mission meaningful to you? Why are you interested in committing your time and energy to us?

A: I am a founder of the Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics (CCSE) where I served as Board Chair and Executive Director. CCSE merged with 4 other organizations to form The Cannabis Alliance. I was involved in the Alliance from the concept to the formation. I was a founding Board member of the Alliance where I continue to serve. I have been involved with cannabis policy reform efforts for 25 years. There is still much to do. This is my life's work and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Q2: What do you think are the characteristics of a great board member?

A: The number one thing that makes a great board member is showing up. Commitment of cause and knowledge and dedication are also important. Knowledge of how a board functions and understanding of the by-laws and Roberts Rules are helpful.

Q3: Do you have prior board leadership experience? If so, what and when?

A: I have served on many boards. I have been on the Board of Directors of Seattle Events, A Non-Profit Corporation producer of Seattle Hempfest since it's inception. I was on the Board of Hemp Initiative Project of Washington State which ran the early cannabis law reform initiatives from 1993 to 1996. I served on the Board of the National Cannabis Industry Association from 2011 to 2018. I have served on many other boards of directors and advisory boards.

Q4: What specific skills, connections, resources, and expertise do you have to offer and are willing to use on the behalf of the organization?

A: I have 25 years of experience serving on boards. I know their rules and functions. I have served on every executive position on boards. I have 25 years of political connections; local, State, federal and international. I have extensive experience with law and policy. I am fluent in reading and writing law. I have considerable experience with the art of influencing policy. I have experience with cutting edge cannabis policy when influencing cannabis policy was dangerous and unpopular.

Q5: Fundraising is a significant obligation of board service. Are you comfortable asking for money to help fund the mission of the organization?

A: I am comfortable asking people for money to fund the organization. Money equals effectiveness.

Q6: Do you have any worries or concerns about joining the board?

A: No

Q7: Do you have personal aspirations that could be enhanced by board service?

A: I have aspirations of global cannabis legalization. Also, I own a cannabis business.

Q8: What is your motivation of being involved in the cannabis industry?

A: For many years cannabis law reform was my hobby. I got into the cannabis industry in 2009 to make my avocation my vocation.

Q9: What professional or personal constraints on your time or service might you anticipate? What kind of autonomy do you have over your calendar?

A: I have autonomy over my calendar. Unfortunately I still have other duties that can not be rescheduled from time to time.

Q10: Of what importance to you is social interaction with other board members?

A: Important

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