Jeremy Kaufman

Jeremy Kaufman, The CPC

Q1: What do you know about our organization? What makes our mission meaningful to you? Why are you interested in committing your time and energy to us?

I know that the organization is rooted in a community sense for each other, the cannabis plant, and earth itself.

For the past 20 Year’s I have fought passionately for a sustainable and ethical cannabis industry.

Q2: What do you think are the characteristics of a great board member?


A true desire to listen

A passion for what you are doing

Q3: Do you have prior board leadership experience? If so, what and when?

I am one of the founding board members of the CCSE, which merged with other amazing organizations to form The Alliance.

Q4: What specific skills, connections, resources, and expertise do you have to offer and are willing to use on the behalf of the organization?

I have been in the cannabis industry since 1998. I have owned companies in a wide variety of sectors of and around the cannabis industry (production, processing, retail, distribution, branding and licensing, consulting)

Q5: Fundraising is a significant obligation of board service. Are you comfortable asking for money to help fund the mission of the organization?


Q6: Do you have any worries or concerns about joining the board?


Q7: Do you have personal aspirations that could be enhanced by board service?

My personal aspiration is genuine, to suck just a little less at being a human every day, than the day before.

I can’t imagine this not helping me to improve, so I guess the answer is yes.

Q8: What is your motivation of being involved in the cannabis industry?

My motivation is simply to make the world a better place, as big as I could.

This industry has the potential to revolutionize the way we manufacture, and ultimately interact with the planet as a species. So I’ve committed my energy to cannabis.

Q9: What professional or personal constraints on your time or service might you anticipate? What kind of autonomy do you have over your calendar?

I have some flexibility. But I do travel quite a bit for work.