Keith Boyce

Keith Boyce - New Day Cannabis

Q1: What do you know about our organization? What makes our mission meaningful to you? Why are you interested in committing your time and energy to us?

A: As a founding member of The Cannabis Alliance I am very familiar with the organization and it's mission. The mission is very close to my heart. I want to see a equal representation for all members, the end to prohibition, and the social justice wrongs of the past righted. I want to see those all of who wish to work in this industry have the same chance of survival, I want an equal playing field. I care about what the future holds for the next generation.

Q2: What do you think are the characteristics of a great board member?

A: Listening, and being open minded to all options, working well with others and the ability to see different perspectives. I am very good in those arenas and will continue to allow all opinions to be heard before a decision is made.

Q3: Do you have prior board leadership experience? If so, what and when?

A: As mentioned earlier I was a founding member of The Alliance and also serve on the board of the Holly Beach View Community Club. Located on Hood Canal this member only group comprises of 35 property owners and their families. Without going into too much detail, as a board member I am deeply involved in the everyday operations of the property management and all of the issues that may ensue on that property. I am currently serving my 3rd term, and each term is three years.

Q4: What specific skills, connections, resources, and expertise do you have to offer and are willing to use on the behalf of the organization?

A: My skill set is in the soft skills. I am very good at dealing with people and have spent my entire working life working with people, helping them come together and achieve common goals. Communication and education are key to the success of the cannabis industry and I believe I have those skills to help bring people together in a positive manner. I have spent most of my life managing people and projects, The Alliance and my skill set align very well.

Q5: Fundraising is a significant obligation of board service. Are you comfortable asking for money to help fund the mission of the organization?

A: Yes, we take cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express, how do you want to pay today?

Q6: Do you have any worries or concerns about joining the board?

A: No, I am ready to serve the membership in any manner the rest of the board sees fit.

Q7: Do you have personal aspirations that could be enhanced by board service?

A: I don't think so, I have not really thought about it. My focus is on the success of the organization and the membership. If the members and the organization are helping the industry move forward in a positive manner, that is all I really want to see.

Q8: What is your motivation of being involved in the cannabis industry?

A: I could go on a long time about this, but I will try to keep it short. I want to see the wrongs of the past righted. Cannabis has been the scape goat for so many false issues it is now the time to expose the truth. It is a real medicine that can save lives. Our system has been wrongly locking up people for cannabis crimes only to support the for profit prison systems. This is so wrong and needs to be corrected, but it will take time. I am patient, and persistent.

Q9: What professional or personal constraints on your time or service might you anticipate? What kind of autonomy do you have over your calendar?

A: Though I do have a full time job, my schedule is flexible. I have the ability to write my own schedule. My boss is well aware of my current Alliance obligations and is in full support.

Q10: Of what importance to you is social interaction with other board members?

A: Important

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