LCB Quality Assurance Work Group

From The Washington Cannabis Laboratory Association

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Dear Washington Cannabis industry leaders, I am writing this letter in an attempt to keep interested stakeholders informed about discussions taking place on the LCB-sponsored Quality Assurance Work Group, and to solicit your feedback. I am an active member of the Work Group, and I want to be sure that the topics we cover in our meetings, the conclusions we come to, and the rules we draft have ample input from businesses and organizations impacted by quality assurance rules and guidelines.

The Washington Cannabis Laboratory Association (WCLA) is a group of active Cannabis labs working together toward a normative framework for Cannabis analytics. Members of our group already know they have my ear, and several of them are also members of the Work Group. At this week’s Cannabis Alliance Leadership Summit, the Alliance and its member organizations expressed their desire for more sensible testing guidelines and demonstrated a tremendous amount of faith in the QA Work Group to bring about positive change to the many flaws and challenges presented by our current testing paradigm. At the summit, I promised the Cannabis Alliance and its members that I and the rest of the WCLA would put forth strong effort to keep the Alliance members informed about the Work Group discussions, solicit their feedback, and bring their priorities to the forefront of the discussions. Farmers, extractors, infused edibles kitchens, packagers, laboratories, transporters, marketers, retailers, vendors, consumers, patients, and enforcers are all impacted by QA in some way or another. The diversity of businesses and stakeholders in this industry is highlighted by the far-reaching intricacies of the QA rules.

Let this letterserve as a background overview of the topics so far discussed at the Quality Assurance Work Group’s first four meetings. I have divided the topics into four categories based on which stakeholders are likely to be most impacted. Most topics span multiple stakeholders. Also included are the notes from the first three QA Work Group Meetings. Please do not hesitate to voice your opinion to me directly, and I will disseminate your testimony as appropriate:

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