Letter from the President of the Board - August

What a whirl wind of a month!  Holy Moly!  If you're a licensee, you're probably continuing to hold on by the skin of your teeth breathing "please don't let me fall".  I keep waiting for it to get easier.  It hasn't.

But I'm all rainbows and unicorns, right?  The glass if half full!  So let's talk about what is AWESOME!

Board Retreat - The Board got together and went over our plans for the future.  It was invigorating to learn more about our board members, where they come from and why The Alliance is important to them.  We focused on our personality types, clear communication and brainstormed ways to make The Alliance better.  The bottom line is that we have an enormous depth of knowledge and it's imperative that we use that knowledge to help educate the greater community.  You guys should feel very lucky for the board members that you have nominated!

Regulatory Priorities - The Alliance continues to meet with high level government officials and talk intimately about our priorities: lab standardization, traceability, pesticides, enforcement standardization, and communication.  These are big topics that require outside of the box thinking, and a new way of looking at things.  This is not something that government is historically very good at and so to come up with the best solutions, means first getting them comfortable with cahnge.  Nick Mosley said it best: "This is a 21st century industry which means we need to come up with 21st century solutions."  Without going into too much detail, I am hopeful and energize by the positive reception The Alliance has received.  We are a force to be reckoned with and continually showcase our ability to work collaboratively and be solution oriented.  You should be proud; I know I am.

If I can make a small ask of you, please tell your friends about The Alliance, why you are a member, and encourage them to become a member as well.  We need as much support as possible.  So if you find the work we do valuable, please spread the word.  

Together we are stronger, 


Danielle Rosellison

La Presidente