Pest Management Workshops

The CCSE (now part of The Alliance), in combination with Dr. Alan Schrieber of Paladin Agriculture Research, Inc., Joel Kangiser – Policy Assistant, Pesticide Management Division, Washington State Department of Agriculture, Allan Felsot - Professor, Entomology & Environmental Toxicology, WSU-TC, and Camille Holladay – Analytical Chemist, Synergistic Pesticide Laboratory, Portland, Oregon brought Pest Management Workshops to three regions of Washington State Cannabis Producers. (Zillah, Olympia and Spokane)

Cannabis production is no different from other agricultural crops in that it can become infested with a variety insect, mites and disease. Cannabis production is different from all other agriculture because it is illegal to federally register a pesticide for control of insects and disease.

Due to the expectation of superior quality and the extremely high value of their crop, cannabis growers are under heavy pressure to control insects, mites and diseases. With the combination of these factors some growers may be using a wide array of pest management products and practices, some of which may be illegal and may pose a risk to pesticide applicators, cannabis workers and cannabis consumers.

To discuss this problem and to explore possible solutions, The CCSE hosted a pest management workshop on how to control insect, mites and diseases in cannabis safely and legally.  Topics in the workshop included:

  • The State of Cannabis Pest Management in Washington & How to control insects, mites and diseases - Alan Schreiber, President, Paladin Research Group, LLC
  • Legal and Illegal Pesticides; Regulatory Status of Cannabis Pesticides - Erik Johansen, Washington State Department of Agriculture
  • Pesticide Residues On Cannabis - Camille Hollaway, Synergistic Pesticide Lab
  • Toxicology Of Pesticides Used On Cannabis - Allan Felsot, Washington State University
  • Cannabis pesticide applicator training and cannabis worker protection training - Joel Kangiser, Washington State Department of Agriculture

If you attended the workshop handouts are available for you to view.


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