2017/2018 Priorities

Our members pride themselves on caring about the entire community including consumers and patients. These values are reiterated by our membership’s selected priorities. In an effort to understand their most pressing issues, The Cannabis Alliance recently surveyed our members. Each of our 170 members receives one vote (i.e 1 membership = 1 vote). 

Survey results are as follows (Highest vote listed first):

Regulatory Priorities

Legislative Priorities

 Standardization of labs

 Clarifying cannabis as agriculture

 Standardization across enforcement agents

 Lower the excise tax from 37-25%

 Quarantine abolished for deliveries

 Eliminate the excise tax for patients

 Change waste policies., including abolishing quarantine 

 Expunge records for cannabis convictions 


The Cannabis Alliance and its members aim to address these issues to improve the industry through committee work as well as a number of external projects. We encourage you to learn more and get involved.