Resource Innovation Institute (RII)

Resource Innovation Institute

The Resource Innovation Institute provides a platform for best practices on resource conservation in the cannabis industry.

Tens of thousands of industrial scale cannabis production facilities will be built over the next few years. How they are designed, constructed and maintained will impact not only our natural resources, but also public perception of the industry.

At the Resource Innovation Institute, we collaborate with the cannabis industry, the private marketplace and the public sector to drive market-based solutions that promote resource efficiency.

Our objective is to transform the cannabis market today toward carbon-free and water-wise production.

Our Mission

The Resource Innovation Institute promotes and quantifies energy and water conservation in the cannabis industry. As an objective, research-based, non-profit partner, we help the legal cannabis sector achieve sustainability outcomes, advance constructive industry oversight and generate increased profitability and market differentiation. We fulfill our mission by curating venues for the exchange and validation of best practices among producers, manufacturers, utilities, design/build professionals, property owners, investors and policymakers.

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