About Danielle Rosellison

Danielle Rosellison - Board President

Danielle_Head_Shot.jpgOwner / Operating ManagerTrail Blazin' Productions

As co-owner of Trail Blazin' Productions, Danielle tenaciously created a roll for herself within the company and the cannabis industry. Community relations was her first priority as misinformation about the cannabis industry runs rapid. Through Danielle's social media tactics, community involvement, media coverage and coffee appointments, Trail Blazin' Productions is quickly becoming a figurehead for the cannabis community, for both users and non-users. In November 2015, she shifted positions to Operations Manager along side her husband (and co-owner) Juddy.

Trail Blazin' Productions is a licensed business venture, started by local Whatcom County professionals looking to meet the demand for legal cannabis while maintaining a safe environment and following the letter of the law. They cultivate, process and package award winning, pesticide-free, sustainably grown with LED's and American Made nutrients, state legal cannabis. 

Most notable, has been Danielle's sincere interest to help the entire cannabis community, not just her own company, move in a positive direction. She is a founder, and current president, of The Cannabis Alliance, sits on the executive board of the Cannabis Farmers Council and is an Ambassador to the Bellingham Chamber of Commerce.

It's an incredible time to be a part of the cannabis industry! While a constant roller coaster, we have a chance to help shape an industry whole culture stems from a place of love, equality and an ability to think outside the box. As we incorporate these values into mainstream America, we will shift the course of capitalism back to the intentions of the founders of this great country.

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