Brian Stone

Brian Stone

Why do you support Cannabis Alliance?

One of the reasons is that there is a “ Patient Committee" dedicated to exploring ways that the Recreational Industry can help support patients with information, and to explore solutions for issues relevant to the patient community.

What inspired you to become involved in The Cannabis Industry?

I have now used Cannabis for 50 years and am the better for it! 

I had the fortune of meeting and working for Ed Rosenthal starting in 2000. I managed his Seattle Hempfest booth and distributed his books and natural pesticides to patients for many years. He inspired me to become involved with Cannabis Activisim, and I started to attend Department of Health hearings relating to Medical Cannabis. I became an authorized patient in 2006.

In 2006, my wife and I formed Northern Waters Patients Network to help authorized patients access the medical Cannabis they needed. Northern Waters also provided information and education on Cannabis cultivation, natural pesticide use, activism and political issues.

Shortly after, I joined the Cannabis Defense Coalition and was elected to their second board of directors, and served for 4 consecutive years. 

I joined the Patients Arrest Protection Working Group, which evolved into the Cannabis Action Coalition. I remained a member until that group became fragmented. I became and still serve as a Director of the Viper Pac, a political actions committee created to support Washington State candidates who support Compassionate Cannabis use.

Why did you join The Cannabis Alliance?

When I decided I wanted to participate in the Recreational market, my intention was to find a company that shared my beliefs about pesticide free Cannabis and who had high ethical standards. By joining the Alliance, I had the opportunity to network with leaders in the industry. It was a pleasant surprise to find out how many members had come over from the now defunct Medical System. 

Thanks to my friend and Alliance member, Dominic Corva, I also had the opportunity to interview with another member-Trail Blazin’ Productions, where I found a home, family and tremendous opportunities to offer the type of Cannabis products that I dreamed of- pesticide free, medical grade, quality Cannabis. 

What is one thing you would want our members to know about your business?

A set of values that are important to me and the company I work for:

Quality. Integrity. Responsible business practices. Sustainability. Support for the Cannabis Community. Justice. Compassion. Doing what you Love.  

Anything else you would like to share with other Alliance Members about you, your advocacy work, etc.?.

I feel that one of the most effective forms of activism that we all can engage in, is to listen to those who we meet. Almost everybody has a condition or aliment that can benefit from some form of Cannabis use, and understanding the myriad benefits of cannabis can help one make responsible recommendations. My favorite Cannabis Soapbox of late is the exciting research showing that long term Cannabis users show resistance to Alzheimer’s disease. This should be of major interest to all of us over 50 or who have friends and relatives who face the challenges of growing older.

They say all politics is local! Getting to know your State Representatives and Senator by attending their in-district meetings before you go to Olympia to lobby, gains you credibility as their neighbor-constituent. 

I have become an advocate for Cannabis Terpene knowledge- the missing knowledge that gives us another window to understanding this wondrous plant and the true meaning of the “Entourage effect”.



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