From Bylaws: Article 4

Section 5. Quorum and Voting. The number of members present and voting shall constitute a quorum for voting at Annual and Special meetings. All actions at meetings requiring a vote of the membership shall be approved by a majority of members present. A member in good standing may proxy their vote to another member in good standing for a period of one meeting. Proxy must be notified in writing via proxy form (downloadable from website) upon check in for the vote. 

Section 6. Electronic Voting. In all votes of the membership a simple majority of those voting in person as well as by proxy and electronic vote shall determine the outcome. Two members of the Board and the Executive Director shall validate votes when electronic ballots are used. Electronic voting, such as email, may be used and those voting shall exercise due caution to ensure the ballot is sent only to the people designated to count the vote. In the case of an electronic vote, the Executive Director shall be responsible for communicating the question and designating an individual to whom electronic ballots are to be sent. The ballots shall be maintained for inspection
for ten (10) days.