What We Do


What We Do

The Cannabis Alliance understands that the war on drugs has created misconceptions, mistrust and even fear about the industry and legalization. We want to change those perceptions and improve the business environment for our members through education, advocacy, and helping set the highest possible industry standards.

How We Do It

The Cannabis Alliance believes that the real work gets done within our committees. This is where members who share a specific passion come together to identify important industry issues, and then work collaboratively to find solutions. The Alliance provides our committee members with the resources and support needed to reach their common goals.

Along with committee work, The Cannabis Alliance is also involved in various projects that help guide us further in our mission. These projects are often born from specific committee objectives, or from independent work groups created to achieve a certain task.

Get involved and start making an impact today. Interested in joining a committee or think the Alliance can help you with a project? Email us! info@thecannabisalliance.us