Washington State Cannabis Commission


HOW you can help….
* LEARN more about the commission and why one is needed. (FAQ's)

* Talk to your peers about this effort and engage their support.

* Ask how you can become further involved.


WHY is a Washington Cannabis Commission needed?

  • To help establish Cannabis as an agricultural commodity and provide access to standard agricultural resources. 
  • To conduct research, development and training that will benefit the industry.
  • To provide strong advocacy by representing the growers’ interests in areas and issues relating to the Cannabis industry.
  • To facilitate fair trade practices while bolstering free commerce.
  • To help resolve farm-related problems.
  • To support the economic and environmental sustainability of the Washington Cannabis industry.
  • To educate and inform the public, the industry, and government agencies about the cannabis industry. 
  • To maintain and protect existing legal Cannabis markets


WHAT is a Washington State Agricultural Commission?

Agricultural commodity commissions were established in the 1930’s to address farmer’s needs and provide solutions to growing and marketing their crops. Their popularity is based upon the proposition that every producer contributes and benefits in proportion to the volume of the commodity they market. Washington State currently has 23 Agricultural Commissions.
Agricultural commodity commissions provide the means by which agricultural producers organize themselves, assess themselves and accumulate funds to address some of their industry’s needs.

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