Dedicated to the advancement of a sustainable, vital and ethical cannabis industry.

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The Cannabis Alliance recently surveyed our members in an effort to understand their most pressing issues.  Each of our 170 members receives one vote (i.e 1 membership = 1 vote).  Our membership is as follows and represents segments of the entire industry:

51% Cannabis Businesses licensed by the WSLCB (Including labs and transit licensees)

38% Ancillary Businesses 

6% Individuals/Patients/Non-Profits

5% are other cannabis industry groups

The Cannabis Alliance is a non-profit trade association that understands that the war on drugs has created misperceptions, mistrust and even fear about the industry and legalization. We want to change those perceptions and improve the business environment for our members, through education, advocacy and helping set the highest possible industry standards.  Our members pride themselves on caring about the entire community including consumers and patients. These values are reiterated by our membership’s selected priorities.

Survey results are as follows:

Regulatory Priorities

Legislative Priorities

 Standardization of labs

 Clarifying cannabis as agriculture

 Standardization across enforcement agents

 Lower the excise tax from 37-25%

 Quarantine abolished for deliveries

 Eliminate the excise tax for patients

 Change waste policies., including abolishing quarantine 

 Expunge records for cannabis convictions 

Why Clarifying Cannabis as Agriculture is important. Because. JOBS.

THE CANNABIS ALLIANCE is a non-profit, membership-based association of individuals, businesses, government officials, and non-profit organizations dedicated to the advancement of a sustainable, vital and ethical cannabis industry.


  • Fostering education, communication and informational exchanges

  • Encouraging development of sound policies and cost effective strategies

  • Recognizing exemplary people, programs, policies and practices

  • Providing professional development opportunities.

In 2016 the Alliance officially began its first year representing and promoting professionals working in the cannabis industry in Washington state. Our Purpose is to:

  • Advocate: to improve the legal and regulatory environment of the cannabis industry;

  • Educate: To provide a knowledge base to our communities, policy makers, and industry professionals;

  • Engage: Actively engage in building a unified industry by promoting safe and ethical corporate citizenship;

  • Promote: To advance the institution and infrastructure for a sustainable and vital cannabis industry;

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 General Counsel to The Cannabis Alliance